S.R.: EU-IRC2019 - Solleone solitario

First time published: 2019Jun26
Good Morning Mood for the Skipper Meeting
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

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Even with all good intention of the Race Committee, the crew of the YCS and sailors, today we had just one winner: the first summer hot day that thanks to the Anticyclone has meshed the thermal breeze and so our expectation to race.

ClubSwan42: Be Wild, under the Tendalino in virtual mode
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

Some crew in the morning were already under the "tendalino" playing to "VirtualRegatta ®" inshore races.
Others were already drinking a lot of water (but better use recyclable/re-usable devices)
TP52: Team Vision Future with big water devices waiting to go
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Also we had a kind of test of departure, but soon the wind has started to be variable till stop at all.
Minus 10[min] to start, but nothing happened
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Around 11:00UTC the R.C. has risen AP flag over H flag, premonition... premonition of the rest of the day.
Around 13:00UTC, the R.C: has called all R.I.B. of supporto to try to put in position the marks to try to do a coastal race, but when we arrived nothing.
Only the ClubSwan 45 Miss K Checkmate GBR-45026 was sailing for practise as a GP42 that was more in the north and still they were quite slow.
the Panorama of the Riviera Sanremese
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
GP42 CONFLUENCE SOPRA DPMF ITA-4202: cleaning the boat
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
If you want more details about the race, I suggest to read the English version on YachtsandYachting magazine, created by my "Boss" C for these days: http://bit.ly/2ZKTQHd 

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