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S.R.: XmasRegatta: Day 1 - Chilly Start after Xmas

First time published: 2018Dec28

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Winter arrived, Christmas gone, Hobart started and already finished (too fast…) New year is coming so it’s time for the 62nd Christmas Regatta in Nice for the Star Class (5th for who is writing and shooting).
Unluckily, for many reasons, the number of boats is very low this year, only 27 at start. In any case we are full of great sailors, starting from the last year winner Xavier Rohart (FRA-8237)bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics and twice world champion, and Roberto Benamati (ITA-7488)ex Italian champion and 2 years ago winner.

“New entries” we have the olympic sailorChristian Nehammer (AUT-8485); 505, dragon and FD Classes championJorgen Schönherr (DEN-8532); and Sandro Lacan the French talent of the Youth America's Cup french team and 3rd at the last French Tour Voile.
We have also a special one: the young local ex French champion of Optimist class (and many good performances in others classes) Alic…

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