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S.R.: LVST2019 day1+2+3 Precauzione prima dell’uso, Calma normalità prima della tempesta, La galleria del vento è rimasta aperta

First time published: 2019Oct03

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I’ve been a bit far from the keyboard to cover the actual event, but it can be good for the mind. The first day of the LVST was a déjà-vu (flash back) for many from last year, because based on forecast, the R.C. decided to delete the activities already before “le café et croissant”. In my opinion (and many others) it could be sail-able but was good in anyhow to have calm and time to work on the rush after Régates Royales. Some excitement there was on the big dam near the tower because as the reported, they started to record new episodes of the series “Riviera”.

Second day finally with a “vento ballerino” with a lot of AP Flag on the fields, for the classic the wind was 90° to the line of the departure (n.d.a.: not in front!!!). This had probably pushed some to overshoot the start and so in one start it have had a collision between Marigold and Z-7, quite scary because all the crews of the la…

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LA FINE DI UN'ERA!!! Un'altra apocalisse per il Circo della vela???