S.R.: L.V.A.25 Day 3+4 - Giornata Dantesca+Saette all’orizzonte

First time published:2020Sept19
TUIGA D-3 panning - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriTUIGA D-3 panning
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
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Day 3, forecast are good, more or less, the start and the transition via Cap Antibes with the wonderful La Garoupe has been a bit a purgatory with the wind going down, but when outside the bay of Golfe Juan till the Palm Beach (the home of the Yacht Club Cannes) the condition were typical for the event, small waves and good wind maybe up to 10kts, sufficient to see oblique masts , sails full and boat runnig, a bit missing of waves for some nice spray, but it’s fine.
Departure with Marga F-3, P-Class at the pin - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriDeparture with Marga F-3, P-Class at the pin
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Even if the “north northerly-east wind” has changed the starting line, the pin was the preferred, and as usual, this means overshoot the start, in particular the one with the 3 P-Class and Marga F-3 (not sure which P was out with Corinthian P-5).
However the course chosen was the 11 (with Charlie-flag already announced) has given different strategy to follow (who immediately tack who follow to the mark and tack later).
In the race-track field, the horizon was full of sails going everywhere to catch the best they can have.
Tacking dance - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriTacking dance
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Outstanding the performance of TUIGA D-3 new team, looks like the training made during the summer has made the team strong!!! They were also followed by a R.I.B. of Y.C.M. with supporters and a “photographic optical bench” mounted at bow (yes that stuff like far-west camera).
With this also the organization has provided a VIP-yellow-cab R.I.B. to bring spectators closer to the action (GREAT!!! Finally someone in the sea is listening my ideas…)
TUIGA D-3 - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriTUIGA D-3
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Finally all classes has made at least a run, but we need to ask some clarifications about penalty, protest (some were there when I left the field) so the standings are still temporary.
A note about today Day4: I didn’t planned to go (backup day) to have some rest for the next event Monday, Régates Royales, but from the windows it has been clear that was a good idea, the start has been precise at 09:00UTC, but the storm has arrived suddenly and around the 10:00UTC al races have been stopped (around hills of Nice many Lightings strike, and strong gusting on the radio was reported (to check). 
Really pity also the visibility has dropped and I couldn’t shoot them from far-away.
Binocular view of the starting zone - copyright © photo Alexander PanzeriBinocular view of the starting zone
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Balance of the event: absolutely positive, as usual Antibes has showed its capacity to make Regattas.
COVID-19 (mask and co.; yesterday case number above 13’000) has hit in particular the human relation between people, photographers, sailors, visitors, the atmosphere is there but with a note of sadness d/t restrictions.
Results tables:  http://bit.ly/2J0g6sN
General Stage 4: 2 races
BiB Class
  1. TUIGA D-3 Zaoli (2=1,1)
  2. Moonbeam of Fife 88 Erwan NOBLET (4=2,2)
  3. Hallowe’en 2 Inigo STREZ (10=DNF,DNF)
  4. ORIANDA Sebastiano MARULLI (10=DNS,DNS)
EAA Class
  1. Chinook NY-48 Paolo Zannoni (4=1,3)
  2. Corinthian P-5 Sebastien BAZIN (6=4,2)
  3. Viola Fabien DESPRES (7=6,1)
EBA Class
  1. Rowdy NY-49 Timothy GOODBODY (1=1)
  2. Meerblick Classic 29 Johan ANKER (2=2)
  3. Skylard of 1937 21 Martin FOX (3=3)
EBB Class 
  1. One Wave F-90 William Borel (1=1)
  2. Carron II SUI-3 Angelo Mazarella (2=2)
  3. Ella 858 Philippe BEGUIN (3=3)
EAB Class
  1. LULU 7c Alain BEAUME (1=1)
  2. Myfanwy CAG-58 Daniel LEE (2=2)
  3. Esterel H-31 FLOTARD (3=3)
CLA Class
  1. Sagittarius FRA-6065 Thierry LAFFITTE (2=1,1)
  2. OJIALA’II K-4702 Michele FROVA (5=2,3)
  3. EUGENIA V Baptiste GARNIER (8=4,4)
CLB Class
  1. Crazy Life 4595 Bernard OLIVIERI (1=1)
  2. Silhouet H-2510 Michel COMTOIS (2=2)
  3. L’Aiglon FR-34820 Veronique BERTHON (3=3)
  1. Team42 FRA-78 Bernard GIROUX (1=1)
  2. Pitch FRA-31 Patrice RIBOUD (2=2)
  3. Nirvana FRA-7 Thomas MUSTIER (3=3)