S.R.: Monaco Swan One Design - Day 1 - 2019 Second edition

First time published: 2019Apr11

Gallery Day 1: http://bit.ly/2WVsE7s
First Departure of the event
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

 BICCHIERE MEZZO PIENO - Day 1 Report from the field

Thanks to the good mood of the Race Committee, the first day has brought at home one race for each class.
Maybe a bit too much conservative to try to launch the second race that at the end this has brought to rise the AP flag over Alpha flag (in my opinion, I would taken the risk to launch the ClubSwan 50 a.s.a.p arrived the last of it and if needed delete the race on a Mark, but the R.C. know his job, and I was just on the press-boat).

ClubSwan 50: Perhonen GBR-023
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
The crown of the beautiful of the year is the last born Perhonen GBR-023 with her RED paint, Sorry Mathilde! Also a note for the “cangiante” blue-grey-violet of Stella Maris.

In the big class the fight is very close, and with a great tactics the race has been dominated by Skorpios (that had been k… damage in the crash last year http://bit.ly/2DCv97r ).
ClubSwan50: ITA-50016 CUORDILEONE with S.A.R. Principe Carlo di Borbone delle Due Sicilie and Ken Read on the finish line
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
The flagship of the fleet CuordiLeone, helmed by the guest S.A.R. Principe Carlo di Borbone delle Due Sicilie supported by the King of the sails Ken Read, a regal boat, didn’t have a good first part, but at the end has showed a very good speed and has closed the gap with the first. At the third place we find MATHILDE SUI-5004 that on the second hoist of gennaker had a caramella (candy).
ClubSaw50:  MATHILDE SUI-5004 with the caremella
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
For the others classes, due to some defection (it’s really a pity that owners of 42 and 45 are not more active in Monaco) and the time spent to follow the bigger one, I’ve few word for them, in any case on the arrival line, the the fight was still on fire.
ClubSwan45: battle between ESP-10222 PORRON IX and ITA-1500 ANGE TRANSPARENT 2 on the downwind leg
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
ClubSwan45: battle between ESP-10222 PORRON IX and ITA-1500 ANGE TRANSPARENT 2 on the arrival line
 copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
ClubSwan42: BEL-555 ANDANTE IV at the finish line
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
It was clear that more emotion than last year was impossible  but the forecasts are switching off our hopes for the rest of the event, so we keep fingers crossed.
Clouds over the bay, signs of no wind and rain in approach
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

Results tables:

ClubSwan 42 Class http://bit.ly/2UehM2Q
  1. ITA-17325 FAR STAR Michele MALANDRA (1=1)
  2. BEL-555 ANDANTE IV Bernard MARCHANT(2=2)
  3. FRA-37258 ZAPPY Christophe WARGNY S(3=3)
ClubSwan 45 Class http://bit.ly/2Ua4bt0
  1. ESP-10222 PORRON IX Luis SENIS (1=1)
  2. ITA-15000 ANGE TRANSPARENT 2 Valter PIZZOLI (2=2)
  3. GBR-45026 MISS K CHECKMATE Giuseppe CORBETTA (3=3)
ClubSwan 50 Class http://bit.ly/2U5aVsd
  1. RUS-5007 SKORPIOS Dmitry RYBOLOVLEV (1=1)
  2. ITA-50016 CUORDILEONE Carlo di Borbone-Due Sicilie (2=2)
  3. SUI-50004 MATHILDE Morten KIELLAND (3=3)

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