S.R.: M.C.W. Day 0 Sposa bagnata sposa fortunata

Big Boat docks - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Big Boat docks - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

As the title from an Italian popular saying (n.d.t.:wet bride lucky bride), the 2019 edition of the Monaco Classic Week has opened the docks under heavy rain, I would say quite rare event for the period.
Elena of London A-9 - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Elena of London A-9 - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

Last time the event closed with the runway of Creole for her 90th anniversary, today the liquid back-yard of the club is full of lady old and new entries. Like I have spotted French Kiss F-3 a 12mIJ and Bamba I-11 a 8mIJ that has just restored the mast and the deck.
French Kiss F-7 (12mIJ) - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
French Kiss F-7 (12mIJ) - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Bamba I-11 (8mIJ) - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Bamba I-11 (8mIJ) - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

On the water the club will mix the old style of the Great Gatsby with the futuristic robot-marks.
Robot Mark array - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Robot Mark array - copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

For now I can say all ingredients are on the table, forecast too, the Day1 should have sun and wind (still to know if this will be strong or normal).
Thus we can just wait and hope that it will be and edition “Fortunata”

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