S.R.: RéRo Day 5 da Duri

First time published: 2019Sept30

Moonbeam IV 8 upwind to TUIGA D-3 copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Moonbeam IV 8 upwind to TUIGA D-3.
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

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“Che giornata”, last day of the Ré.Ro. has been very energetic.
The weather conditions has been very extreme, and this has made the event one the most difficult for the sailors from beach condition to splash waves, the crews of Marga has reported gusts up to +35[kts] outside, and from the press-boat we could have later proof of this on the way back.
MARGA F-3. copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
With this conditions all departures has involved the R.C. boat, fews, like TUIGA D-3, have decided to go forward and start with less wind but more “safety”. The plan choice was the G3 so inside bay racetrack. However with the evolution of the weather the R.C. has been obliged to change and shorter the race.
Unluckily also we have had a difficult day because at the last minute the driver had to change the big R.I.B. to the smaller for a problem, and  with 10 photographers this means less opportunity to move around (also if someone was screaming for waves…).
Nonetheless I must do my compliments to our driver M. for the great (safety) work he made to allowed us to our work. Well Done Black Tenders!!! I’ve been 3 times in for 3 different events and always perfect.

So we cannot say a lot about the race, but after, on the docks, I've could learn that on the far mark there have been many problems and some protest.
Comet crews working to remove the the mast. copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Comet crews working to remove the the mast.
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Comet has broken the second mast, someone has kick the back-side of Lady Trix (she has just made the 110th Anniversary in Monaco, so she was in perfect conditions).

Lady Trix damage detail. copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Lady Trix damage detail.
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

Always on protest side, Pandora G-9, finally yesterday, could have hearing about the penalty they had for all races (the problem reported by the crew was about the rating of the gennaker that it’s not tri-radial), but they didn't had redrawn for  races.

Team Vanessa I-6636 with Patrizio Bertelli&ie and Torben Grael copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

At the end the Prize Giving has been a great party
"e tutti gli equipaggi hanno portato il loro rispetto ai vincitori"
(n.d.t.: and all the crews brought their respect to the winners).
Chinook NY-48 and Viola and MARGA F-3 teams. copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Chinook NY-48 and Viola and MARGA F-3 teams.
copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri
Resolute Salmon US20456 Skipper  copyright © photo Alexander Panzeri

In conclusion, after one year from the lighting of the end of the Panerai we can “fare un bilancio” of the Classic races.
As witness of 2+1 events (2 ex-Panerai+Monaco Classic Week) and having listened about the others, we have goods News:
  • All clubs has show the capacity to manage the regattas, even with small (better restricted) budgets
  • 90% percents of the boats are still there and their owners too, some are missing but newer arrived
  • The public in the sailing-field or not, have interest and passion into the regattas.
  • So the Classic regatta are on the earth to remain, they need only a good sponsor to make, again, the series with a Trophy! (n.d.a.: maybe a factory like Mercedes could think about, as BMW, AUDI, and VOLVO have already their places???)

I cannot forget to thanks all people of the organizations to give us the possibility to shoot, to tell (testimony) to the rest of the world the story and beauty of the classic sailing.
Grazie Mille!!!
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Dragon Class

  1. ITA-77 BUNKER PRINCE Braslavets Evgenil (17=6;3;1;1;1;1;7;4)
  2. POR-85 NEPTUNE Pedro Andrade (28=2;2;6;19;3;5;4;6)
  3. RUS-27 ANAPURNA Anatoly Loginov (30=4;1;3;15;17;3;1;3)


General Stage 4: 3 races last update 2019Sept27


  1. NY-48 CHINOOK Andrew bates (5=3;1;1;?)
  2. F-3 MARGA Matteo Tacconi (8=2;4;2;?)
  3. P-14 OLYMPIAN Fetas Guillaume (11=6;2;3;?)
  4. MARIGOLD Ken ROEBUCK (7=1;6)


  1. VIOLA Fabien Despres (3=1;1;1;?)
  2. ORIOLE Ignacio Eguiagaray (9=3;2;4;?)
  3. LADY TRIX Gerard Friess (11=4;5;2;?)
  4. K KISMET Richard Matthew (6=2;4)


  1. D-3 TUIGA Daniel Pereira (3=1;1;1;?)
  2. 2 HALLOWE’EN Inigo Strez (7=2;DPI 3;2;?)
  3. 88 MOONBEAM OF FIFE Erwan Noblet (9=3;3;3;?)


  1. ITA-17077 IL MORO DI VENEEZIA Massimiliano Ferruzzi (3=2;1;2;?)
  2. ENCOUNTER Bart Weauwer (9=6;2;1;?)
  3. ESP-1257 YANIRA Valerie Demarotte (9=1;5;3;?)
  4. FRANCE 1 Jacques Bureau (6=3;3)


  1. I-6636 VANESSA Torben Grael (3=1;1;1;?)
  2. FRA6065 SAGITTARIUS Thierry Laffitte (9=DPI 4;2;3;?)
  3. PALYNODIE II Henri Ferbus (10=4;4;2;?)
  4. FRA-11 MEERBLICK…FUN Otto Pohlmann (7=2;5)


  1. NY-49 ROWDY Tim Goodbody (8=2;DPI 2;4;?) 
  2. ARG-66 CIPPINO II Martin Billoch (9=1;5;DPI 3;?)
  3. SEVEN SEAS OF PORTO Markus Kemp (13=6;DPI 5;2;?)
  4. AUS-77 BLITZEN Kade Jaques (10=7;DPI 3)


  1. 141 FJORD III Germain Frers (5=DPI 2;2;1;?)
  2. GER-15 ANNIE SOPHIE Joerg Moesshang (7=4;1;2)
  3. FRA-24 FRANCE Guy Reyniers (13=6;3;4;?)


General Stage 4: 4 races

  1. USA-20456 RESOLUTE SALMON Valter Pizzoli(4=1;1;1;1;?)
  2. FRA-4869 MARIA GIOVANNA II Jean-pierre Sauvan(9=2;3;2;2;3;?)
  3. ITA-4702 OJALA II Michele Frova (12=3;2;3;4;4;’)


  1. GBR-2795L FAIRLIE Tom Fischer(3=1;1;1;?)
  2. ITA-7636 SANDRA Marco Carbonaro(7=3;2;2;?) 
  3. SUI-10 SCHERZO Laurent Schenk (9=2;3;4;?)